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Image 200X Reflected UV Light

200X Reflected UV Light

Lost Mural Project

Cross-section sample of area before cleaning to identify soiling and varnish layers.

For more information on The Journey of the Lost Mural - An International Treasure in Vermont see:

Amy Cole Ives established Sutherland Conservation & Consulting in 2007 to provide historic preservation services in architectural conservation, cultural resource management, and historic tax credit consulting. Amy established her architectural paint research microscopy lab in 2013, allowing her to again focus her attention on painted finishes, which she had developed working with Susan L. Buck and Brian Powell at the SPNEA Conservation Center after graduating from the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in architectural conservation.

2022 Update

Sutherland Conservation & Consulting transitioned our historic preservation consulting and historic tax credit services effective October 19, 2020 to MacRostie Historic Advisors (MHA), a Ryan Company. MHA is a national leader in historic tax credit consulting services with an outstanding team of historic consultants, including MHA CEO Albert Rex and MHA Northeast Director Kim Smith Barnett.

Please contact Kim at for historic preservation consulting and historic tax credit project inquiries.

Following this transition, Amy Cole Ives has focused Sutherland Conservation on providing historic finishes analysis and documentation for buildings, painted objects and vehicles utilizing cross-section and polarized light microscopy to identify and document plain and decorative finish schemes, paint layer structures and pigments.

For more information on paint research, analysis and conditions documentation, contact:

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